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Power Apps created by Talos Software Solutions

Take Command of Your Business Software

Are you ready to take control of your applications, from the data they handle and the workflows they manage, to their update schedules? Would you rather invest in unlocking the potential within your team than continuously spending on external software solutions? Now is the perfect time to take command of your business software, charting a course that truly aligns with your organization’s unique needs—on your own schedule.

Enter the "citizen developer"—an emerging force in business innovation. Your company already has individuals who, with the right training, can harness tools like Microsoft Power Apps to create custom solutions. These are your insightful problem solvers, your process optimizers, and your tech-savvy staff who understand your business better than any outsider could. They are perfectly positioned to develop applications that directly address your specific challenges.

By equipping these citizen developers with knowledge and skills in Power Apps and the entire Power Platform, you enable them to build solutions that are tailored just for you. This empowerment leads to more predictable ROI, faster project timelines, and cost savings that can't be matched by external ERP customizations. No more bending to the constraints of third-party schedules or cookie-cutter software models.

Take the next step: Schedule a discovery call at no obligation. We’ll evaluate your environment, identify potential citizen developers within your team, and discuss how the Power Platform can revolutionize your approach to business software.

What is the Power Platform?

Microsoft's Power Platform is an advanced suite of tools that enables both citizen developers and seasoned programmers to rapidly create and deploy sophisticated business applications. Acting as the core technology behind several Dynamics 365 products, including Sales and Customer Service, Microsoft has not only demonstrated the platform's robust capabilities but also its commitment to continual development and support.

In 2023, the Power Platform was recognized as a market leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms. With a dramatic increase in its user base—over 25 million monthly active users, marking a growth of more than 40% in the past year—it’s clear that organizations worldwide are leveraging the platform to drive efficiency and innovation.

Microsoft Power Platform

Our Process

With decades of software development expertise, we’ve refined a 7-step process to ensure your successful adoption of the Power Platform. This process not only culminates in deploying a professional-grade solution that's ready for production, but also equips you with the skills to replicate this success across future projects. We believe in learning by doing, so our approach emphasizes personalized, hands-on interaction every step of the way.



Discuss your needs and verify they are a good fit for the Power Platform

Meet the key team members that will be able to build and maintain your applications

Decide on an initial project


Environment Setup

Provision development and Production environments

One time tasks such as feature configuration, backup retention and email integration

Configure Microsoft licenses

Setup roles and permissions


Overview Training

Provide and overview of the Power Platform, its architecture, components and capabilities

Deep dive into Model Driven Power Apps, Dataverse and other features heavily used by business applications

Exploration of Power Automate and how to use connectors relevant to your systems


Architecture Design

Collaborate with your talent to make sure their design is the optimal solution

Data modeling to insure the core database is structured to take advantage of all the Power Platform features

Story mapping to plan the best features for your users’ workflows


Pair Programming

Two developers, one keyboard

Your talent is paired with an expert from Talos Software and they collaboratively take turns implementing features on your project

One of the best tools for leveling up someone’s skills, paired programming exemplifies the concept of learning by doing


Codeless-Code Review

All the benefits of a code review but without the code

Checks for defects, bugs, mistakes and provides insights on ways things could have be completed more efficiently

Ensures that your first project is an example of a professional quality application



Provides access to our experts to answer questions, provide insights and give suggestions

Stuck on a tough problem? Let us be your lifeline to get your next project back on track

Know that you’re not on your own. We’re here to make sure you’re successful on this project and the next

Ryan McGee, Founder of Talos Software Solutions

Expertise and Experience: Building Powerful Applications with Talos Software Solutions

Ryan McGee is the driving force behind Talos Software Solutions, specializing in assisting manufacturers in optimizing their businesses with the latest technologies and practices.

With almost two decades of experience in the ever changing software industry, Ryan has gained valuable insights into effective software development practices. By adopting a full lifecycle approach, Ryan is able to understand the total cost of building and maintaining software and is able to derive the highest value from software investments.

Throughout his career, some of the most rewarding moments for Ryan have occurred while introducing others to the world of software development. Whether he's helping out at user groups, speaking at industry conferences, or providing one-on-one mentorship, Ryan's passion for sharing the joys of creating software is evident. His dedication to empowering others not only enriches their professional lives but also continues to ignite a community-wide enthusiasm for technological innovation.

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